"I work with botanicaSEATTLE, a processor in Seattle specializing in precision dosing and delicious edibles. I wanted to thank you and your team for the work you did in formalizing the DOPE Cup review process. We are honored to have brought home a winning entry in the CBD Edible category with Mr. Moxey's Mints, and a surprise runner up in the Savory Edible category with Journeyman Couch Potatoes. The Report Cards are wonderful- I'd like one for every product we make!

Your work is so important. It legitimizes what we are all doing. Thanks for being generous with your expertise and energy!"

- Lena, Botanic Seattle


"The Trichome Budtender course has made me the most knowledgeable person at my dispensary. I know more than my managers!"

- Josie Harvey


"I attended your course at the CannaCon event in Seattle, and very much learned as well as trying to get caught up... I've been very successful in helping out a few friends with great successful advice. At 55 years old i have found another great way to help others... Thanks again"

- Michael Northern Sr.

"I can’t say enough, how refreshing that was to hear your hearts for educating people to the responsible use of cannabis, as a medicine & recreational substance. I truly appreciate the knowledge that you guy’s brought to the great state of Alaska ... the relationship between my physicians & myself really took off. I was able to regurgitate enough valid scientific information, to peak their interest into the endocannabinoid system, that they were never informed of during medical school. I now have three licensed pain physicians in AK that trust me enough to strictly consult with their patients regarding the on boarding process of starting cannabis therapies, & now we are all going into the industry together ... I really hope that the Trichome Institute will continue to come up to Alaska & educate the retailers & vendors going into the industry up here ... I can’t express enough how much I appreciated what I heard today. You guy’s rock!!"

- Cade Inscho