The Value of Becoming Designated

Before the cannabis industry existed, the alcohol industry came up with a curriculum to instruct and train people on responsibly serving alcohol in bars, restaurants and clubs. Therefore the Responsible Vender course parallels the responsible bartender courses with training on topics like how to spot fake ID’s, protocol for confiscation, dealing with problem customers, recognizing signs of impairment and understanding why not to serve someone who is currently intoxicated. In the alcohol industry if an establishment has a Responsible Vendor designation, a violation or infraction that might occur will often result in a reduced fine or punishment. Likewise a dispensary with a cannabis RV designation will be more favorably treated if a violation or infraction should occur. Consider an example, by law all dispensary employees must be badged and the badges must be visible above the waist. If the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) were to drop by one day and find an employee not wearing a badge, instead of a fine or a violation the employee and dispensary may get off with only a warning - IF the employee and dispensary were Responsible Vender certified. It could be said that when small infractions occur, the MED may look at the situation with good faith eyes instead of violation eyes.

Why is The Trichome Institute's Responsible Vendor program better than others?
The Trichome Institute has played a role in designing this mandated curriculum with select government agencies in Colorado. The Trichome Institute is also the first educational institution to design and provide Cannabis Industry Responsible Vendor Education in the form of a hands on textbook with additional take home learning tools so the information is always at the hands of students and dispensaries. The Trichome Institute is also the first educational institution to provide Responsible Vendor Training nationwide.

Benefits of the Trichome Institute's Responsible Vendor Certification
Quality Training
Your staff will receive training on state laws, best practices, customer service, safety, product knowledge, cannabis chemistry, and more. Each staff member receives a Responsible Vendor Designated wallet ID card along with an in class workbook they get to keep to retain the information. Many dispensaries have in house trainings and compliance officers, which is excellent; yet you must use a licensed third party to earn the M408/R407 Responsible Vendor Certification benefits.

Marketing and Advertising
With all of the concern of product safety, and community safety, it is important to inform your community and new customers that you take this business seriously. After completing the program, your shop receives window decals and a framed certificate to let your customers know you are a Responsible Vendor Designated dispensary. We provide digital badges as well for your App, website, and other marketing needs.

Protection for your Dispensary
If and when the MED initiates a sting operation on your business, the Responsible Vendor Designation allows you to mitigate multiple levels of infractions. One budtender letting in an underage shopper or fake ID could cost you up to a $100,000 fine and suspension or even revocation of your license. It is essential to earn the extra layer of protection the Responsible Vendor Certification affords.

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$149 per person

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