If you are a dispensary owner, manager, or Human Resources/Compliance professional; we are sure you have heard of Colorado's Responsible Vendor Program (RVP).

But do you know why it is important to take a RVP?  Or that the various programs differ slightly in their offerings?

Did you know that RV programs offered before July of 2015 were not approved courses?  If you participated before this date, you may need to renew your certification.

Our FAQ is designed to answer these questions and more.  You may also reference RV in the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) rulebook under R407 and M408.

Where does the Responsible Vendor Program Originate?
The RV Program is designed to model the alcohol industry's "TIPS" program.  TIPS ensures that those serving alcohol in restaurant, bars and other venues do so responsibly. 

What do you learn in the training?
The cannabis RVP is similar to the alcohol program with additional industry compliance education and cannabis science. The RV program covers a range of topics including identification assessment (spotting fake IDs and communicating issues related to the ID with customers), protocol for confiscation, dealing with problem customers, and recognizing signs of impairment and understanding why not to serve someone who is currently intoxicated.  Beyond that, we discuss cannabis and its effect on the body including concepts like time to effect and the chemical differences between edible and smoked cannabis.

What is the value of earning a Responsible Vendor Designation?
If an establishment has a Responsible Vendor Designation (RVD), a violation, infraction or fine that might occur, could potentially be reduced, or even thrown out.  An RVD dispensary may be more favorably treated if a violation or infraction should occur.  The RVD is also a wonderful marketing tool to show consumers that your dispensary knows how to participate in the cannabis industry in a responsible manner and gives your staff tools for increasing sales. 

Why use the Trichome Institute’s Responsible Vendor Program?
While there are several options for Responsible Vendor providers in Colorado, the Trichome Institute sets itself apart from all other programs with both content and material.  The Trichome Institute is the only provider with an entire textbook, and full color student course book, full of graphs, cartoons, and pictures, that all participants get to take home. All of our content has been reviewed and approved by world leading cannabis lawyers, physicians, and scientists.

If you think all RV courses are the same, be rest assured the Trichome Institute has gone to great lengths to ensure your employees retain information from our program. No other RV provider comes close to the depth of cannabis knowledge Trichome brings to RV Training. If you plan on signing up for an RVD, make the most out of the education potential by choosing the Trichome Institute. If you would like to learn and see more of what Trichome has to offer, including Responsible Vendor, Budtender Training, and Interpening, check out the Courses section of the website for more.

Why do you have to retake RV if you already took the course before July 2015??
Prior to July 2015, some program providers offered Responsible Vendor "Training" but not a "Certification."  In order to be considered RVD or Certified, a dispensary would have to take the course by a program provider who was legally approved to provide the certification from the State.  No RVP providers were legally approved to teach the Responsible Vendor Certification until July 2015.  Trichome will work with dispensaries who fall into this category. Contact Us today.

When can you sign up to take a Trichome Responsible Vendor Certification?
At Trichome, we understand the challenge of sending many employees to a certification course.  For this reason, we offer regionally specific trainings, AM and PM offerings, and in some cases can arrange customized, on-site training at your facility for ease in participation.  Email us today to discuss a customized option or visit our Responsible Vendor Course Page to see a list of upcoming regions and dates.

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