The Trichome Institute and THC University have come together to offer the most technically advanced and up to date online cannabis education in the world.

Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders - $249

Dispensary consultants who are sometimes referred to as "Budtenders," are the front line of our industry. It is critical they understand all the types of cannabis products available and how they work, and work differently on different people. In addition to the 5 chapter Cannabis Products Course, the Sales Training for Budtenders course comes with an additional two chapters. It includes a Customer Service chapter specific to the cannabis industry and a Product Weights and Conversions chapter to round out the education for this industry specific position.

Cannabis Products Course - $199

There are many types of people and businesses who benefit from understanding the gamut of cannabis products available today. Everyone from patients/customers, MMJ physicians to new dispensary owners benefit from this one of a kind curriculum. Concerned MMJ parents and pharmacists in dispensaries want to focus more on the products, how they are made, what makes them unique, how they work, and who they should be recommended to and that is exactly what the Cannabis Products Course provides.

Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders and Cannabis Products Course are VERY SIMILAR CLASSES. If you are or want to be a cannabis sales associate, then the Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders is for you. If you are simply curious about raising your understanding of cannabis products and do not need product weight or customer service training, then the Cannabis Products Course is for you. The full Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders will cover the following topics (Cannabis Products Course does not include customer service or product weights and conversions):