Interpening is the art of the Cannabis Sommelier: the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and variety type designation. Interpening combines the words interpreting and terpenes. Interpening teaches how to assess the quality of the flower, allowing a user to determine whether it is an unacceptable, acceptable, or the highest quality product.

There are 3 Levels to Interpening with different:

  • Level 1 Interpening consists of a 3-hour lecture that teaches the history of cannabis, variety types and effects, strain name dilemma, and more. Level 1 Interpening costs $165 and can be taught in-person or online.
  • Level 2 Interpening teaches individuals to use their senses to distinguish between variety types, terpenes, and acceptable and unacceptable characteristics of flower. The evening is concluded with a Level 2 Certification test. Trichome can only teach Level 2 in-person in Denver.
  • Level 3 Interpening is by invitation only and is reserved for the most advanced cannabis experts.

Trichome Institute is the recipient of the 2016 pineapple d’Or Award for best education in the cannabis industry, presented by the Cannabist.