Interpening is the art of the Cannabis Sommelier: the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and psychotropic variety type designation. Level 1 & 2 Interpeners receive the 3-piece tool kit as part of the in-person course package. There are 3 levels to Interpening:

Level 1 costs $165 when taught in-person in Denver. Level 1 consists of a 3-hour lecture that teaches:

  •  What is Interpening? - Cannabis Today - The Strain Name Dilemma
  • Cannabis Basics - The Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis Controversy - Flower variety types
  • Trichomes and their Components - Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavanoids
  • Strain Structures – Full plant, Leaf and Branch - Flower/Bud Structure
  • Quality Inspection and Dissection - 12 Unacceptable Visual/Odor Characteristics- Observing Quality, Aroma Potency and Trichome Density - Proper Storage
  • Interpening Methodology- Process of Seeing and Smelling the Psychotropic Spectrum of Cannabis Hybridization

Level 2 costs $249 when taught in-person in Denver. Level 2 includes everything taught in Level 1 (they are typically taught back to back in Denver). Level 2 also includes, a visual & olfactory workshop that teaches individuals to use their senses to distinguish between variety types, terpene profiles, and acceptable and unacceptable characteristics. The evening is concluded with a Level 2 Certification test.

Level 3 Interpening is by invitation only and is reserved for the most advanced cannabis experts.