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The Interpening® Galleries

Included, you'll find photo slideshows of the following groups of cannabis images:  Acceptable Quality Indica, Indica Hybrid, 50/50 Hybrid, Sativa Hybrid, and Sativa.  You will also find examples of Unacceptable Quality Cannabis including molds, bugs, poor trim, nutrient lock, and even an attempt at describing some unacceptable odors.  We've recently added the beginnings of a Concentrates and a Video gallery as well.  Enjoy.

Devil's Advocate Note - Some buds may look like they are slightly out of category.  An Indica Dominant Hybrid may look like a 50/50 Hybrid. When you see this we'd like you to consider the following: A. They may be very close in phenotype genetics. B. If you could smell these buds you would notice the olfactory scent designation of preserved terpenes would place it in the category in which it's shown. To learn more about these nuances, please visit our Devil's Advocate section.

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