The Trichome Institute is proud to present the cannabis industry’s first expertly reviewed cannabis textbook. Our entire curriculum is reviewed and approved by world leading authorities of cannabis law, science, and medicine. Our goal is to limit the spread of misinformation about cannabis and to provide accurate content to people in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Products & Sales Training (CPST) was written specifically for sales associates, by industry experts, in a way that everyone can understand. CPST uses certified medical science to inform sales representatives on tough topics such as time-to-effect for different forms of THC. CPST is a great course for those who are new to the cannabis industry and need to become more familiar with its products. Being CPST certified by the Trichome Institute goes a long way in pursuing job opportunities in an industry that is hard to break into. CPST costs $249 and can be taught in-person or online.

Trichome Institute is the recipient of the 2016 Pineapple d’Or Award for Best Education in the cannabis industry, presented by the Cannabist.

Below is an overview of course topics:

Customer Service, Consumer Tolerance, Cannabis Flower – Smoke and Vapor, Edibles, Hash & Concentrates,

Sublinguals, Transdermals & Topicals, Product Weight & Conversions