The Trichome Institute is proud to present the cannabis industry’s first expertly reviewed cannabis textbook. Our entire curriculum is reviewed and approved by world leading authorities of cannabis law, science, and medicine. Our goal is to limit the spread of misinformation about cannabis and to provide accurate content to people in the cannabis industry.

Responsible Vendor (RV) is great for dispensaries. This cannabis program is certified, monitored, and licensed through The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division. RV teaches the best practices for a dispensary and sets a standard for operation procedures. A staff trained and certified in RV can prevent or minimize infractions and violations commonly issued by the enforcement agencies. RV is a great course for those who are in the cannabis industry and need to remain compliant in a highly regulated environment. RV costs $149 and can be taught in-person or online.

Trichome Institute is the recipient of the 2016 Pineapple d’Or Award for Best Education in the cannabis industry, presented by the Cannabist.

Below is an overview of course topics:

Colorado State Laws & Best Practices, Identification of Customers, Cannabis Effect on the Body