If you are interested in speaking with Max Montrose, President of the Trichome Institute, you can receive private consultation with him over the phone or in person. For us to give you an accurate quote for the consultation, please describe in detail, what you hope to accomplish for your business and how you want Trichome to assist you. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the cannabis world or has a specific cannabis question.

Max is an expert in cannabis genetics, pheno-, and chemo-type, growing and harvesting methods, legislation, business compliance, and more. He is available for $200/hr for in person, phone, or skype conversations for general inquiries. We also offer project specific rates if you have a specific time frame and service in mind. Please give us as much detail as you possibly can about what you wish to learn, the size and timeline of the project, what you hope to get out of our services, and what you ultimately want to accomplish. We will get back to you with our price quote and availability.

Questions will be reviewed and evaluated prior to your call time. Trichome Institute reserves the right to deny any call request. If we cannot answer your question, for any reason, you will be notified ahead of time. If you would like to schedule a time with Max or propose a project please contact us at info@trichomeinstitute.com. 

Trichome Institute does not provide medical, legal, or scientific advice or recommendations of any kind. However, we know the right people to refer to you if interested.