An all-encompassing course and training program that is immediately applicable to the current cannabis workplace.

Welcome to the Trichome Institute's Cannabis Products and Sales Training course. Live courses in Colorado are taught by Hemp Temps. Contact Hemp Temps or the team here at Trichome at with inquiries.
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The sales representative is the front line of the cannabis industry. They provide the link between the ever-developing cannabis industry and the consumer. Sales representatives have the responsibility of understanding cannabis products in depth and their diverse effects.

With Trichome's Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders (CPST), sales associates can learn the skills of professional individuals with the duty to facilitate safety and legality in the cannabis industry. With Trichome's Cannabis Products Course (CPC), anyone with a desire for knowledge, be it a concerned parent, a physician or an attorney, can increase their knowledge and understanding of cannabis products available in the dispensary.

The CPST and CPC textbooks uses certified medical science to inform sales representatives on tough topics such as time-to-effect for different forms of THC. This training will help the students explain what the published findings say. This text or training does not, however, attempt to instruct anyone on how to give medical or legal advice.

Below is a breakdown of the online versions of Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders and the Cannabis Products Course. Please contact us with any questions.

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